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Hello world!

Namenlosthis tutorial is splitted in 2 parts first is getting the model in game and second part is about textures and materials i wont show you the basics of 3ds max you can find several tutorials on youtube about it Part 1 Modeling and Rigging Drag n Drop the .esk and .emd into emdfbx.exe .esk is the skeleton and .emd is the 3d model Import the new .fbx into 3ds max when you import the .fbx you should get a popup with several options just leave everything untouched except the “File Units convertet to” option change it to Centimeters and the Scale Factor should be 1,0 now this is necessary to scale the model properly if its not 1,0 the model will be bigger or smaller pic1 if you get a warning message just click ok now you should see your 3d model with theskeleton pic2 Now you can import a model you want to see in the game and start rigging with the skin modifier. for some reason the game mirrors the model so make sure to mirror it in 3ds max                                                                                                                                     i wont show you how to rig here. There are several tutorials you can look up when you finished with your rig export the model again take care to the Scale Factor and make sure its 1,0 also set the Up Axis to Y-up pic3 drag n drop your exported .fbx into fbxemd.exe to convert the model back to .emd now you can repack the new .emd and you should see it ingame but without textures Part 2 Texture and Material texturing the model is a bit limitated at the moment you only can apply one color to one element of the model also your whole model should have only 1 texture if it has more then one merge the textures and edit the uv maps so you only get one texture. This doesnt mean that the whole model should be 1 texture but one texture per model part. For example you can have one texture on the bust but another one on the pants. You understand when you follow the tutorial. At first we are going to work on the alpha texture the alpha textures are in the .emb files the alpha textures only shows eveything that is black on the model like contours or creases this is the texture im using pic4 in the alpha layer everything you color white shows up black ingame and everyting thats black is transparent ingame this is how my finished alpha layer looks like pic5 make sure you save it with with a dxt5 alpha layer i use photoshop with the nvidia plugin these are the settings im using pic6 for the next step we need to split the model in different elements for each color the model should be 1 mesh but splited by element that means that on each element you can aplly one color+shading so that means basicly that everything on the model that has the same color should be a seperate element these are the elements for my naruto bust model pic7 open up the material editor and create a new Multi/Sub-Object material add as many sub materials as many colors you have on the model for me its 7 apply your texture on every sub material and name the materials 1,2,3,… pic8 now we need to tell which element uses which submaterial select your elements and under Surface Properties set your IDs pic9 after you set all the ids to elements you can export the model and convert it to .emd now we need to edit the .emm to color the model drag n drop the .emm into emmxml.exe and open up the new emm delete everything except the first material pic10 now copy the first material and paste it as many sub materials you got name them like the sub materials in 3ds max pic11 in the materials you should see this line pic12 these tell the game which row of the .dyt.emb the game apllys to the model change the value for every sub material in your .emm                                                                   save your .emm.xml when you finished editing and convert it back to .emm by drag n drop the .xml into emmxml.exe pic13 when you finshed editing the colors of the texture save it and repack it in .dyt.emb now repack everything into your .cpk and test it in game